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Another Sex Scandal, Berlusconi?

Another Sex Scandal, Berlusconi? - A glamorous TV weather girl was paid more than £100,000 by Silvio Berlusconi after attending his infamous sex parties, it is claimed.

Prosecutors have discovered bank records which show that he gave Alessandra Sorcinelli money last Monday – three days after the latest sex scandal surrounding him broke.

But despite the constant flow of lurid stories surrounding the Italian Prime Minister, polls show he is more popular than ever among voters.

The payments started last year and averaged £8,500 a month – a figure Miss Sorcinelli, 26, refers to in a text message to Mr Berlusconi’s aide, Giuseppe Spinelli, which read: ‘May I urgently remind you of the 10,000 euro bank transfer.’

The documents then detail a payment from Mr Berlusconi’s account at Segrate near Milan into one in Miss Sorcinelli’s name at the Bank of Sardinia in the city. According to the paperwork, the money was called a ‘non interest-earning loan’.

Mr Berlusconi is being investigated over allegations that he paid 17-year-old belly dancer Karima El Mahroug for sex after she attended a so-called ‘bunga bunga’ party in his house.

Prosecutors have also accused him of extortion after he is said to have called police and put pressure on them to release Miss El Mahroug after she was arrested for theft.

Investigators are said to have found ‘interesting photographs’ from Mr Berlusconi’s infamous parties. And at the weekend, model Maria Esther Garcia Polanco, 25, said she had sex with the PM – ‘but only because he paid my daughter’s medical bills’.

An opinion poll in yesterday’s Corriere Della Sera newspaper said the scandal had not harmed Mr Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party, with support rising from 27 per cent to 30 per cent.

One of the women named in a prostitution probe involving Silvio Berlusconi has admitted she had sex with the Italian premier.

Maria Esther Garcia Polanco told La Repubblica newspaper on Saturday that she had slept with the controversial politician out of gratitude after he paid the hospital bills of her daughter, five.

The 25-year-old aspiring model and showgirl said the billionaire, 74, was 'generous and kind'.

She said that although she had attended several parties at Berlusconi's estate, they had never been orgies.

It has also emerged that 14 women named in the sex probe were kicked out of the Olgettina estate in Milan where Berlusconi lives after fellow residents said they 'lowered the tone' of the neighbourhood. The women all lived rent-free in the complex after being given the apartments by Berlusconi, 74, and were regulars at his infamous ‘bunga bunga’ sex parties.

The gates complex on the outskirts of Milan, Via Olgettina, is one of the most sought after estates in the city and, according to prosecutors they lived there rent free in return for having sex with Berlusconi.

With its landscaped gardens, underground parking, supermarket, bars and other facilities it is one of the most modern estates in the city and also houses some of the billionaire's offices but in essence it was also the home of his harem, prosecutors allege.

Since details of the investigation broke last week, locals have dubbed the estate ‘The Dolls House’ and furious fellow residents on the local association have now written to the women ordering them to leave within eight days.

But several women have spoken out denying any allegations of wrongdoing.

Among those asked to leave are TV stars Barbara Guerra, 30, and Marysthell Garcia, 27, who have both been named in the 389 page prosecution document as guests who attended the sex parties.

Today Miss Guerra said: ‘I've got the letter in my hand. It's absurd, incredible a nightmare. I've paid rent up until the end of April. It says I have 'disturbed the peace and quiet of the area.'

‘I have not committed any crimes at that house (Berlusconi's) and I don't understand why I have to leave. I have always paid my bills and rent on time.’

Miss Garcia added: ‘It's just not fair - where am I going to go ? I don't think this is legal. We have been victims as well - I had to take my name of the entry phone because people were buzzing and insulting me.

‘We've all had these letters from the residents association and we have all been given eight days to leave and if we don't then they will call the police. I've got my lawyer onto this immediately.’

Meanwhile in another development today/yesterday the Vatican spoke out for the first time on the scandal with Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone saying it was ‘concerned’ by the case.

Cardinal Bertone said the Holy See was following the case carefully and stressed public figures had a responsibility in setting an example for families and young people.

Berlusconi denies any wrongdoing in the probe into alleged prostitution and abuse of power and says he is the victim of biased prosecutors who he says he will target with new laws so they cannot target him continuously.

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